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Withered Earth Lyrics – Supernatural Terror Unearthed By Storms

Upon us this dreaded harvest,
The sun will never shine on the ruins
Man has failed the crucible, the Apocalyptic frost begins.

Take the hand of agony, embrace winters doom
For the flesh proves feeble to its icy
Grip, Frozen winds unleashed this despair.
When the world was enshrounded by the pale moons eclipse.

Haunting mist it seeps, from the silence at
The Black Mountains peak. Merciless waves
of Armageddon crash and roll, upon this dying
Land inherited by the weak.

Mayhem swarms in its true form
Supernatural Terror Unearthed by Storms
Rejoice in eternal nightfall
In lust with the demise of dawn
Unchained are the hounds of chaos.
They stir beneath the Great Ice’s thaw.


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